Location Access

Turn on Location access

To pair Jacquard with your phone and use features like Navigation and Places, the Jacquard app needs access to your location.

Turn on Location access

During setup

  1. Open the Jacquard app .
  2. Tap Get started > Enable Jacquard.
  3. The Jacquard app will help you Set up Jacquard. When prompted, tap Tag is ready.
  4. To accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap Agree.
  5. Choose or add the Google Account you want to link to Jacquard. Tap Next.
  6. Put on your new jacket and tap I look fabulous.
  7. If you’re using an Android device, tap Allow to let Jacquard access the location of your device. If you’re using iOS, you’ll be prompted to allow Location access when you first use a location-based Ability such as Places.

Using navigation

If your Location settings are turned off when you begin Navigation, you’ll get an in-app notification asking you to turn on your device’s location. Tap OK to turn on Location.

Using Places

If Location is turned off when you use a gesture to save a Location, you’ll hear the Jacquard app say “Unable to determine your location. Please turn Location services on.” You’ll need to turn on Location access in your mobile device settings. If you are using iOS, your Location Services will need to be set to Always.

Learn how to turn location services and GPS on or off on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (iOS)

How Jacquard uses your location data

How Jacquard uses your location data

Jacquard uses your location for Navigation and Places Abilities.

  • When navigating, your GPS location provides your Next Direction or your Arrival Time.
  • GPS coordinates are used to drop a pin in Places. These coordinates are stored as part of their Place in your Places. When you delete a Place, its coordinates are also deleted.

What location data Jacquard collects

  • When you use a gesture to save a Place, request an ETA, or request your Next Direction, the Jacquard app collects your GPS coordinates.
  • When you enter a destination address into Navigation, the Jacquard app collects the GPS coordinates of your destination.

Where your location data is stored and who can access it

Your location data is stored in the Jacquard app. Your location data is not shared with Google or with third parties.

Delete your location data

Open the Jacquard app, and tap the Wardrobe menu Hanger menu IconSettings > Clear Activity history > YES to delete your Activity history, including all location data. 

Note: Deleting or reinstalling the app will permanently delete your data. Updating the app will not delete or affect your data. 

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