Charging Jacquard

When it's time to charge Jacquard, you'll see the LED status light on your snap tag change from pulsing green to solid red. To charge, plug the snap tag into any USB port compliant with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 type. For safety information regarding charging see, Safety, Warranty & Regulatory Guide or the safety information inside the snap tag box.

The Power LED

While the snap tag is charging, the LED on the tag will pulse green slowly. It will remain solid green when the tag is fully charged. Please note, it takes three hours to fully charge the tag.

LED Status LED indicator meaning
Solid Red

When tag is plugged into a USB port, the LED will be solid red for 2-3 seconds.

Pulsing Red The LED will slowly pulse red while charging from 0-65% charged
Pulsing Green The LED will slowly pulse green from 65-99% charged.
Solid Green The LED will glow solid green once the battery reaches 100% charged.

Check Battery Level


Keep track of your battery life by tapping on the Wardrobe menu in the top left corner of the Jacquard app.


Battery Level States




LAST KNOWN: This state will only appear when snap tag is disconnected

Battery Life

Use this helpful tip to make your battery last longer! Leave the snap tag in the Jacquard cuff when it’s not in use. The tag will automatically go into Sleep Mode to save battery. To start using your jacket again, simply perform any gesture.

Battery life and charge cycles vary by usage and settings.


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