Jacquard gestures

Interacting with Jacquard is a unique experience that allows you to perform a variety of abilities using gestures on the left cuff of your jacket. You can think of abilities as simple apps for your jacket. Abilities let you do things like play music, get your next turn, answer calls and more.


To interact with the jacket, use your right hand to brush, double tap, or cover the left cuff of the jacket. We recommend using four fingers when performing gestures. Note: To avoid unintentional activation, the jacket will not respond to gestures performed with a single finger.

To revisit the gesture tutorials you saw when you setup the app, tap the wardrobe icon in the upper left corner of the app and tap Tutorials.

There are four gestures you can use to interact with Jacquard: 

  Brush In                                                  Double Tap                

 Hand brushing in on sleeve  Hand double tapping sleeve      

Brush Out                                               Cover

Hand brushing out on sleeve  Hand covering sleeve



Note: Cover is the only gesture that cannot be customized. The Cover gesture is a universal gesture that serves to silence incoming Jacquard Notifications (LED/Light, haptic vibration, audio announcements, and playback from music apps. This gesture stops all ongoing abilities.                     

Assigning abilities to gestures

You can tap each gesture to see which abilities you’ve already assigned or set new ones.

  1. Open the Jacquard app 
  2. From the Assign screen select the gesture you’d like to assign an ability to
  3. Swipe between the ability categories
  4. Tap the ability you’d like to assign your gesture to
  5. Tap Assign to (selected gesture) and return to the Assign screen to view changes. You can also drag and drop any ability from this screen to assign the gesture.

Gestures can currently be customized to perform the following abilities:

Ability Categories Abilities
  • Play
  • Next
  • Previous 
  • What's Playing?
  • Bose Aware Mode
  • Next Direction
  • Arrival time
Keep Track
  • Count
  • Current Time
  • Find your phone
  • Places


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