Customer Support for Jacquard ended on June 5, 2023. While the Jacquard app may continue to work for existing users, updates to, or new downloads of, the app from the Google Play Store and App Store are no longer available. You can download an archive of your Jacquard data or permanently delete your Jacquard account from the Settings menu in your Jacquard app.

Jacquard gestures

Interacting with Jacquard is a unique experience that allows you to perform a variety of abilities using gestures on your Jacquard item. Abilities let you do things like play music, get your next turn, ask a question, answer calls, and more. 

Note: We recommend using four fingers when performing gestures. To avoid unintentional activation, the Jacquard item will not respond to gestures performed with a single finger. 


Brush in/up

Jacket: Brush inward on the cuff of your left sleeve.

Backpack: Brush upward on the left strap.

Brush out/down

Jacket: Brush outward on the cuff of your left sleeve.

Backpack: Brush downward on the left strap.

Double tap  

Tap the threads on your Jacquard item twice. 


Use your hand to cover the threads for about one second. This gesture silences incoming Jacquard alerts and stops all ongoing abilities. Cover is the only gesture that can't be customized. 

To revisit the gesture tutorials you saw when you set up the app, tap Menu  in the top left corner of the home screenand then Tutorials

Assign abilities to gestures

To start using gestures, you'll need to assign each gesture a specific ability in the Configure section of the Jacquard app. Here you can also change the abilities you assign to each gesture. Learn more about Jacquard abilities

  1. Open the Jacquard app .
  2. Tap Configure and then Select the gesture you'd like to assign an ability to. 
  3. Tap the ability you'd like to assign your gesture to and then Assign. 

You can customize all gestures (except Cover) to perform the following abilities:

Ability category Abilities
  • Play & Pause
  • Next
  • Previous 
  • What's Playing?
  • Aware Mode* by Bose
Keep Track
  • Count
  • Places
  • Current Time
  • Find My Phone
  • Next Direction
  • Arrival Time
Google Assistant
  • My Question
  • My Day
  • Selfie
  • Light
  • Ping
  • Calls & Texts
  • Always Together
  • Rideshare

*This ability works for Bose QuietComfort 30 and Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones' noise cancellation. Headphones sold separately. 

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