Taking care of your Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google

Wash and dry the jacket

The garment is designed for home machine wash and tumble dry. Wash cold, dry at medium or low heat and follow the care label in the garment. Remove the snap tag before washing. It’s best to wash denim as little as possible, not only to prevent shrinking and fading, but also to conserve water and energy. Levi’s typically recommends air dry which also lessens negative impact on the environment.

As with any electronic device, electronics embedded into this garment are sensitive to extreme mechanical and thermal stresses such as those experienced by the garment during washing and drying. Care is recommended. The longevity of your garment was extensively tested in a variety of washing and drying conditions. It was tested to pass at least 10 wash and tumble dry cycles under more rigorous wash and dry conditions than home laundry. Your experience may vary by usage and wash conditions. We are confident that you can wear and enjoy your jacket as any regular denim jacket.

Do not iron the left cuff of the jacket. Do not dry-clean the jacket.

Clean snap tag

To clean the Jacquard snap tag wipe it with a soft dry or damp cloth. Do not wash or dry the Jacquard snap tag. Do not use soaps, solvents or abrasives on the snap tag.

Tailoring the Jacket

The Jacket was not designed to be tailored.  Tailoring the jacket will void the Google warranty.


Embroidery is ok on the jacket with the exception of the left sleeve and cuff.

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