Meet the Jacquard app

The Jacquard app helps you set up and customize abilities for your jacket. Assign abilities to gestures to control your music, navigation, text and calls, and more!

You can use the Jacquard app to:

  • Set up Jacquard
  • Assign abilities to gestures
  • View recent activity
  • Manage device preferences and settings.

App controls and screens 

Assign screen

The Assign screen has two tabs, Actions and Alerts. From the Actions tab you can choose a gesture to assign and action to. From the Alerts tab, you can choose the different kinds of notifications you'd like to receive. 

Activity screen

From the Assign screen, you can assign abilities to gestures. Abilities let you do things like control your music or get your Arrival time.

Hanger menu

The Hanger menu  hanger  is found in the top left corner of the Jacquard app’s home screen. From here you can learn more about Jacquard and manage your device settings. You can also confirm your tag is connected and view your current battery state.


Manage settings and notification preferences, clear stored data found in the Activity screen, and send diagnostics to improve your experience with Jacquard, learn more

Jacket information

From Jacquard information you can:

  • Check for firmware updates
  • Check the software version and serial number for your tag or jacket
  • Forget and reconnect tag
  • Set up a new jacket or tag


Get tips and instructions on how to keep your jacket and snap tag clean.      


Review the gesture tutorials performed during setup.

See your threads

See how your threads on your Jacquard jacket respond to your touch once activated. Try it out for yourself!


Within About you will find; terms of service, warranty, safety regulations, privacy policy, and more information about your device.

Activity screen

The Activity screen shows a recap of your recent activity with Jacquard, including ‘Count’ and and ‘What’s Playing?’ history.

Abilities screen

Explore what you can do with Jacquard, see all available abilities from this screen.



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