Jacquard can help you navigate to where you need to go with on-demand directions or Arrival time given at your request, whether you're biking or walking.

Note: Jacquard does not support driving directions at this time.

Navigation abilities

Next direction

Next Direction allows you to get directions at your own speed, given only when you request them. Simply perform the assigned Gesture when you’re ready to hear your next direction. You can save your Home and Work locations in the Jacquard app or enter the address for the location you’d like directions to. Your home and work location are synced with the Google Maps settings on your mobile device. However, you can manually set these addresses.

Arrival time

Get an estimate of when you’ll get to your destination and how long it will take you to get there depending on your preferred mode of transportation.

Assign Navigation abilities to gestures

  1. Open the Jacquard app.
  2. From the Assign screen, select the gesture you'd like to assign an ability to.
    Assign screen
  3. Locate Navigation by scrolling to the left or right of the ability category menu at the bottom of the screen and  the ability you want to set.
     Navigation assigned to Brush In
  4.  Tap ‘Set address’ and enter  the address for a location, or save your Home and Work locations.  
    1. Optional: To save your home or work location,
      1. Type the address you’d like to set for your home or work location. Tap the back arrow to return to the Next Direction screen.                                                        
      2. Tap Add Home or Add Work.
  5. Select your preferred method of transportation. Tap the Bike icon for if you’re commuting on bike. Type the Walking icon if you’re commuting by foot. Note: Driving directions are not currently supported. The Navigation abilities are intended to be used for walking or biking.

  6. Tap Assign to (selected gesture) and return to the Assign screen to view changes. You can also drag and drop any ability from the assign screen to assign the gesture.

  7. Perform the Gesture to start your directions or get the Arrival time to your destination.



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