Explore what you can do with Jacquard

 Control Media


Music – Control media from your favorite services to play songs, skip to the next track, and more.

What’s playing – Tells you the current track playing in your playlist.

 Communicate with friends & family

Calls – Be notified of and manage incoming calls.

Texts – Be notified of and manage incoming texts.

 Navigate the city

Directions –  Stay on route with on-demand next turn directions.

ETA – Get reminded of your arrival time.

 Keep track of what’s important to you

Count – Easily keep track of anything you’d like by keeping a count.

Current Time – Get the time, when you need it.

Find your Phone – Locate your phone easily.

 Illuminate your world

Illuminate -  Blink, shine or celebrate with the light on your Jacquard snap tag.


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