Jacquard snap tag

The snap tag is the connecting link between the Jacquard Threads and the Jacquard app. Digital wireless connectivity is provided through the snap tag that attaches to the cuff of your jacket. When the interactive area on the sleeve detects your gesture, the tag sends a signal to your phone.                  

  • Light: The snap tag has an LED light built-in that visually illustrates what it's doing. Learn more about Jacquard LED light states, here.

  • Vibration: A haptic motor is built into the tag that sends you a notification when you receive incoming calls or texts.

  • USB charger: This is used to activate and charge the tag. For safety information regarding charging please see, Safety, Warranty & Regulatory Guide  or the safety information inside the snap tag box.

  • Water Resistance: The snap tag is resistant to rain and splashing, but it is not fully waterproof. Do not wash the Jacquard snap tag or immerse it in liquid as doing so may damage the snap tag. The Jacquard snap tag has a water protection rating of IPX4 under IEC 60529. If your snap tag is damaged, water resistance may be compromised.

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