Current Time

Get the current time and day without reaching for your phone. With a simple gesture, Jacquard will read you the day and time on-demand.

Note: Jacquard will read you the current time based on your devices timezone settings.

Assign gesture to Current Time 

  1. Open the Jacquard app .                                                                                              
  2. From the Assign screen, select the gesture you'd like to assign an ability to.  
  3. Navigate to ‘Keep Track’ by swiping left or right from the ability categories at the bottom of the screen and tap Current Time.
  4. ‘Include Date?’: If you’d like to hear the date along with the current time, tap Yes. If you’d only like to hear the current time, tap No.
  5. Tap Assign to (selected gesture) and return to the Assign screen to view change.
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