Jacquard Diagnostics, Usage and Crash Reporting

We are constantly looking to improve the experience that you have with Jacquard. To evaluate the reliability, usability, and use of various features, the Jacquard app reports information about how you use the app and jacket. This information is not associated with your Google Account.

Specifically, the Jacquard app collects and reports metadata about how you use the app and jacket - which pages/buttons in the app you interact with; the states of pages, buttons, and settings; gestures, LED & haptic notifications and the events that triggered them; charging and battery use information; Bluetooth, WiFi, and WWAN connectivity information; error and warning messages; and the time at which these events occurred. This may also include information about the state of the app, including which settings you choose, how you configure Abilities, and which Abilities you use.

If you’d like to disable this, you can uncheck the “Send Diagnostics” checkbox when you first use the app, or turn off the toggle in Settings. To get to Settings tap the Hanger menuHanger menu IconSettings.

Settings menu. Send Diagnostics option is switched off.

This data will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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