Jacquard LED Light States and Notifications

The LED light on the Jacquard snap tag visually explains what the device is doing. The following tables shows the different LED status indicators and what the states mean.

LED Charging States

LED Status LED indicator meaning
Solid Red

When tag is plugged into a USB port, the LED will be solid red for 2-3 seconds until charging begins.

Pulsing Red The LED will slowly pulse red while charging from 0-65% charged.
Pulsing Green LED will slowly pulse green from 65-99% charged.
Solid Green The LED will glow solid green once the battery reaches 100% charged.

LED Light States


LED Status

LED indicator meaning


Pulsing/Flashing Blue

The LED will pulse/flash blue when you snap it into the cuff. It is broadcasting a bluetooth signal and attempting to connect to your phone.

Solid blue

Bluetooth connection has been made with a mobile device.

Circular Pulsing Blue

The LED will pulse blue in a circular pattern whenever Jacquard firmware (on the jacket and snap tag) is updating. You’ll also see a notification in the Jacquard app.

Regular communication

Brief White Flash/Blink

Gesture confirmation – You will see the LED briefly flash/pulse white each time you perform a gesture successfully on Jacquard

Repeated White Blink/Flash

You will see the LED blink/flash white repeatedly and feel haptic vibration in a pattern when receiving an incoming call/text. Notifications will cease after 5 seconds for incoming text messages, but calls will continue to light the LED until answered or rejected.

Errors or Low Battery

Pulsing/Blinking Red

Error message
Ex: User requests ‘next direction’ - Gesture is recognized but information next direction is not provided.

Quick double Red Flash after Blue Connection Light

If battery is very low (less than 10%), LED quickly flashes twice after blue connection light when snapped in, or after Gesture Confirmation light.

Two Red Blinks

When battery dies, the tag will let you know right before it turns off with two red blinks (the second blink is long).

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