Manage incoming texts

Jacquard provides Calls and Texts Abilities that notify you when someone calls or sends a text.

Permissions must be enabled to successfully use the Calls & Texts feature from the Jacquard app. If you do not have this permission enabled, you won’t be able to receive calls or text using Jacquard. Please see, Manage Jacquard settings for more information.

Note: The Calls and Texts abilities will only work with phone calls and text messages. It does not work with other text, voice, or video messaging apps. This functionality requires cellular connectivity; fees may apply. Do not use Jacquard while driving engaging in any activities that have potentially serious consequences. Follow local laws about using mobile devices, headphones and helmets.


You will be notified immediately when you receive a message via the Jacquard snap tag. The following will indicate that you have received a text message:

  • Pulsing white light + repeated vibration for 5 seconds.

  • If your phone volume is on, Jacquard will read the message sender’s name.

With your permission the Jacquard app accesses your contacts to announce incoming calls & texts. Silencing your phone will turn this off. You can also disable this feature in Customize Settings. Note: Contacts are stored locally on your phone and are not sent to Google servers.

Receiving text messages

To hear a readout of an incoming text, Brush In on the cuff. Please note, to hear a readout of a text message, your phone volume must be turned up, and you must perform the gesture within 10 seconds of receiving the text. For longer messages, Jacquard may not read out the entire contents of the text.

Call & Texts Settings

From the settings menu you can edit your call and text preferences. To access your text settings tap the Calls & Texts icon next to Light on the Assign screen.

Calls and Text screen. The light and vibration notify you of any incoming calls and texts to your phone. You can respond by brushing your cuff. Brush in to hear. Brush out to decline.

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