Control music and audio with Jacquard

Jacquard works like a remote control for audio apps on your phone. Enjoy music and audio from popular audio services by playing your favorite artists, songs, albums, podcasts, and playlists.

Audio will still play from your phone, headphones, or other playback device as it would without your Jacquard item connected. Once you've selected your audio, Jacquard can be used to control it, or read out what's playing. 

Note: Because it works with a number of 3rd party music apps, Jacquard's functionality depends on those apps and their ability to respond and provide information to Jacquard. Subscriptions may be required and fees may apply. 

Step 1: Launch your preferred audio service on your mobile phone

To play audio, you’ll need to launch one of your preferred audio apps on your mobile phone first. Many audio services should be compatible with Jacquard audio controls, but not all are guaranteed to work. 

Step 2: Assign an audio ability to a gesture

Assign gestures to perform any of the following audio abilities:

  • Pause (or Play) - Starts and pauses audio playback
  • Next - Skips to the next track (audio services may limit how often you skip forward and may not let you skip ads).
  • Previous - Plays a track again or goes back (note that not all audio services allow you to go back to a previous track)
  • What’s Playing? - Tells you what track is currently playing and will save track in your What’s Playing History.
  • Stop - To turn off your audio playback entirely, use the cover gesture.

Note: Not all audio apps will support all abilities. For example, some streaming music services do not allow users to return to a previous track.

  1. Open the Jacquard app .
  2. Tap Configure and then Select the gesture you'd like to assign an ability. 
  3. Find Audio on the list and then Tap on an ability and then Assign

Step 3: Enjoy your audio!

  1. Make sure your preferred audio service app is open on your phone, with audio ready to play. If you're not sure, you can start playing music from the audio app, then use Jacquard for control. 
  2. Perform one of your assigned audio gestures on your Jacquard threads to control your audio. 

Note: Do not listen at high volumes for long periods of time. 

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