Control music and audio with Jacquard

Take your music with you wherever you go without reaching for your phone. Enjoy music from popular music services to play your favorite artists, songs, albums, and playlists.

Play music

Jacquard works like a remote control for music apps on your phone. To play music you’ll need to launch one of your preferred music apps on your mobile phone first. Many music services should be compatible with Jacquard audio controls, but not all are guaranteed to work. Learn more about supported music services for Jacquard, here.

Music will still play from your phone, headphones, or other playback device as it would without your Jacquard jacket connected. Once you’ve picked your music, Jacquard can be used to control it, or hear what’s playing. 

Note: Do not listen at high volumes for long periods of time.

Control music

Assign gestures to perform any of the following abilities to control music:

  • Pause (or Play) - Starts and pauses music playback
  • Next - Skips to the next track (music services may limit how often you skip forward and may not let you skip ads).
  • Previous - Plays a track again or goes back (note that not all music services allow you to go back to a previous track)
  • What’s playing? - Tells you what track is currently playing and will save track in your What’s Playing History.
  • Stop - To turn off your music playback entirely, use the cover gesture.

Assign gestures to play music

 Note: Not all music apps will support all abilities. For example, some streaming music services do not allow users to return to a previous track.

Assign gestures to play music


  1. Open the Jacquard app .
  2. From the Assign screen, select the gesture you'd like to assign an ability to.                
  3. Navigate to Audio by swiping left or right in the Ability categories at the bottom of the screen and tap on an Ability: Play & Pause, Next, Previous, or What’s Playing
  4. Tap Assign to (selected gesture) and return to the Assign screen to view changes. You can also drag and drop any ability from this screen to assign the gesture.                                                   
    Assign audio to gesture screen
  5. Ensure your preferred music service app is open on your phone, with audio ready to play. If you’re not sure, you can start playing music from the audio app, then use Jacquard for control.

  6. Perform the gesture on the jacket and enjoy control of your favorite music services.


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