What you can do with Jacquard

With Jacquard by Google, items you wear or use everyday are transformed to let you experience and interact with a variety of services while on the go. Control music, get your next navigation direction, and screen your calls and texts by a single gestures on your Jacquard item. Touch and gesture data is wirelessly transmitted to mobile phones or other devices through the Jacquard Tag. Manage all features through the Jacquard app.

What you can do with Jacquard

 Control audio

Music – Play and pause songs or other audio from your favorite services, skip to the next track, or hear what is playing.

What’s Playing – Tells you the current track playing in your playlist.

Bose Aware Mode – Turn noise cancellation on and off for your Bose headphones

Note: Functionality may be limited by your music service. Subscriptions and fees may apply. 

 Navigate the city 

Directions – Stay on route with on-demand next turn directions, whether walking or biking.

ETA – Get reminded of your arrival time.

 Keep track of what's important to you

Count – Easily keep track of anything you’d like by keeping a count.

Places – Drop pins to save new places when you’re on the go. 

Current Time – Get the time, when you need it.

Find My Phone – Locate your phone easily, even if the ringer’s off. 

 Get info from Google Assistant

Ask Assistant – Get answers to your questions, no speaking required. 

My Day – Hear updates about your day.

  • iOS users: You will need to download the Google Assistant app.

 Capture and light up your world

Camera – Snap selfies and group shots without touching your phone.

Light –  Use light to blink, shine or celebrate.

 Communicate and stay connected

Calls –  Screen incoming calls – hands-free.

Texts – Hear your text messages read aloud.

Ping – Catch alerts from your most important contacts.

Always Together – Get alerted when your Jacquard item and phone are separated.

Rideshare – Know when your rideshare arrives.

  • Requires a Google Account. For Android, you need a supported phone running Android 6.0.1 or newer. 

  • For iOS, you need an iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 10 or newer.
  • iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the US and other countries and is used under license. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Google, Jacquard, Android, and related logos and marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
  • Internet connection required. Fees may apply.

See all minimum phone device and operating system (OS) requirements for Jacquard. 

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