Hardware Overview

Provided by Google

For all deployments, Google provides:

  • GGC servers
  • Rack mounting accessories
  • Power cables (IEC C13/C14 only)
  • SFPs/QSFPs for GGC servers

For selected deployments, Google also provides:

  • GGC router
  • SFPs/QSFPs for network uplinks (GGC router end only)
  • Copper Ethernet cables (where appropriate)
  • Direct attach cables (where appropriate)

Details of all hardware will be provided during the equipment ordering process. 

Provided by ISP

  • Rack space
  • Power feeds
  • Power cables (if IEC C13 / C14 is not suitable for your local requirements)
  • Environmental control
  • All fiber optic cables
  • SFPs / QSFPs for network uplinks (ISP end)

For deployments without a GGC router, you must also provide:

  • Router or switch

Physical requirements

All GGC equipment is mountable in standard 19-inch racks, and is supplied with rack mounting accessories. The install guide for each server type shows detailed weights and dimensions.

Power requirements

The install guide for each server type shows detailed power requirements.

GGC equipment requires dual power feeds for redundancy and performance reasons. Ideally, you have redundant circuits to each rack.

We support either AC or DC power; ensure the correct type is selected during the equipment ordering process. 

Cooling requirements

GGC servers are designed by our hardware partners to operate in relatively warm environments. Recommended temperature for the air inlet is 25C (77F) or less, but the servers will operate normally at higher temperatures. Air outlet temperature at the rear of servers can reach 45C (113F).

There's no need to notify us that the servers are running hot; they will safely throttle or shut down if thermal thresholds are exceeded

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