Google Update

General information

Google Update is a program available for Windows that helps ensure that you have the most up-to-date, stable, and secure versions of Google applications installed on your computer. Not using Windows? Google Software Update is a similar program provided for Apple OS X users.

Google Update is an open source component of several different Google programs, including Google Chrome and Google Earth. It helps keep these programs up-to-date. When Google Update is running you won't see any new windows, but may see multiple instances the process "GoogleUpdate.exe" in Task Manager. Google Update is also known as Omaha, which is the name for the open-source project. Update also includes a service that monitors when an update becomes available.


If Google Update is causing issues on your computer check out the Connection Troubleshooting instructions.


Google Update can't be removed by itself. If you remove Google Update processes from your computer, you may find that your Google programs no long function properly and, in many cases, you may see Google Update return automatically.

To fully uninstall Google Update, uninstall any Google applications you currently have installed. Approximately an hour after uninstalling your other Google programs, Google Update should be uninstalled automatically.


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