Welcome to Ingress

Your mission is to defend the human race from a malevolent unknown energy or, depending on your perspective, to assist in an enlightenment of mankind by harnessing this energy. This is accomplished by aligning with either the Resistance or the Enlightened faction. You will strive to discover Portals and link them to create Control Fields over geographic areas to influence the population within. The tally of minds (Mind Units) under the control of each faction is tracked constantly on the Intel map.

Your ultimate goal is to work with other members of your Faction around the world to secure or liberate the entire world. Use this Field Guide to get you started on your journey. Click the link below if you would like to download the guide and bring it with you out in the field.

Ingress Agent Field Guide: Resistance (PDF)
Ingress Agent Field Guide: Enlightened (PDF)

In addition, due to a sudden spike in new operatives, we have created a video introducing new Agents to the Ingress Scanner Device. Ultimately, there is no replacement for mentorship from an experienced field operative, but we believe that this video will help guide new recruits as they advance through the world of Ingress:

New Agent Checklist

  1. Choose your Codename.
  2. Choose a Faction. Choose carefully. This choice is final.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Scanner.
  4. Review the Agent Protocol.
  5. Review Glossary and Inventory Items list.
  6. Complete Training Missions.
    Choosing a Faction and completing Training
  7. Go outside, walk around, collect XM, hack Portals, earn Access Points (AP). You “level up” by earning Access Points (AP). Leveling up grants you access to use more powerful items and, ultimately, allows you to take over more Mind Units to further your faction’s cause.
  8. Connect with other players via Ingress G+, COMM, Facebook, etc. Join a local Ingress community to get in touch with nearby Agents. New Agents who team up with more experienced players experience the most success!
    Follow the Ingress G+ Page
  9. Suggest new Portals. In general, Portals are cool and interesting places and objects that must be safe and accessible to the public. If you are having trouble finding Portals near you, check the Intel Map to view Portals anywhere in the world. Zoom in to view unclaimed (grey) or Level 1 Portals so you can start deploying Resonators and hacking for Items.
Expert Tip: If there are no Portals close to where you live, you can always suggest new Portals to fill out the area around you, provided that the submissions meet our Candidate Portal Criteria. You will also receive an AP bonus if your Portal submission becomes accepted.
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