Known issues

Below is a list of known issues and common questions. Review this list to see if your issue is already addressed. Contact us if your issue is not addressed here.

Not receiving new medal notifications

We're currently experiencing an issue with iOS devices not receiving notifications when the Agent has unlocked a new medal. We are investigating this issue.

"Sharing Failed" error when sharing my Agent profile

We're aware that some Agents are receiving a "Sharing Failed" error when attempting to share their Agent profile. We are actively investigating this issue.

My Guardian stat has stopped counting

The Max Time Portal Held statistic should update roughly on a daily basis as long as you still control a Resonator on the Portal in question. Even if the stat does not increase in a given day, the number of days is still being tracked. The stat will update again if you either deploy a new Resonator on this Portal, or after your streak is broken. You will see the correct number of days represented (and receive any corresponding Guardian Medals) the next time it updates.

I attended an Anomaly but did not receive a medal

Anomaly medals are distributed at the time of the event, in person, via cards containing passcodes which can be redeemed for the medal. You must receive a card in person in order to receive an Anomaly medal. We are unable to provide Anomaly medals after an event has ended.

GPS is jittery/jumps around

GPS accuracy largely depends on the device you're using and your signal/connection strength. If you're having trouble with GPS drift, launch Ingress and touch OPS > DEVICE > Location smoothing, and touch TOGGLE. In general, we're constantly working to improve GPS accuracy and stability.

My Recruiter medal is not counting Agents I have recruited

In order for you to receive credit toward the Recruiter medal, please ensure you send your invite to the exact Google or Gmail account that your recruit uses to sign in to Ingress. You will be given credit once your recruit reaches L3 and has the verification medal.

I want to transfer my account to a different email address

At this time, it is not possible to transfer your Ingress player account from one email address to another.

I never received my verification code

If you have not received your verification code, then there may be an issue with the number being entered. Be sure to double-check that the phone number you've entered is correct, including the country code. If you have another phone number that you could use, try that number and see if it works. To request another verification code, touch OPS > DEVICE > Verification or touch the Verified icon in your Scanner, and touch REQUEST again. If you still did not receive a verification code, try using the alternate delivery method (either VOICE or SMS). is stuck on "Loading data"

If the Intel Map continually says "Loading data," hard refresh the page to resolve the issue.

My Scanner view is fuzzy

The scanner will appear white and fuzzy if it cannot establish a wifi and/or GPS connection, and you'll need to establish a GPS lock to fix it.

It will appear red and fuzzy if you do not have any XM, and you'll have to get your XM reserves back up to a non-critical level to return your scanner view to normal.

Interface elements on the Scanner overlap or don't fill the screen

We require a minimum device screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.  Devices that do not meet that minimum may experience scanner view degradation that may impact play.

I've recently switched from @googlemail to @gmail (or added Gmail to my Google Account) and receive error: "Secure connection could not be established! Please try again."

Workaround #1: switch back to @googlemail -

  • In your Gmail account, go to Settings > Accounts & import
  • Click Send mail as (this will only show up if you're elegible to change your address)
  • Click Switch to

Workaround #2: Delete your previous Ingress player account and create a new Ingress player account with your @gmail (recommended for players with little Ingress progress, as this will erase your game data) -

  • Click Contact us
  • Click Report a bug
  • Click Delete my profile so I can play with an account I recently switched to Gmail
I have not recently switched accounts and receive the error: "Secure connection could not be established! Please try again."

Ingress requires that you have a stable Wi-Fi or data connection in order to play, including the training missions. Try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Start Ingress on a Wi-Fi connection, and then switch to a data connection once the app is launched.
  • If you have a reliable data connection, disable your Wi-Fi connection and put your device into data-only mode.
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