New Portal submissions

Help us fill out the play field by locating, photographing and submitting candidate Portals directly from your Scanner.

Candidate Portal criteria

From your Scanner:

  • Launch Ingress and long-press on your Scanner where you’d like to see your candidate Portal appear. Drag right to select NEW PORTAL, which will bring up your device’s camera.
  • Take and confirm your photo of the candidate Portal to bring up the final submission screen.
  • Under CONFIRM LOCATION, ensure your candidate Portal is placed correctly. If the location is not correct, or if you see the message Location required, touch the map and drag to position the marker exactly where your candidate Portal should be.
Accurate placement of candidate Portals on this submission screen speeds up processing time and ensures accurate Portal locations.
  • Enter a brief title (i.e., the name of the building, statue, work of art, etc.) in the NAME field.
  • Enter a description of the candidate Portal [optional]. You can use the DESCRIPTION field to provide additional information about the candidate Portal’s significance or history.
  • Touch SEND to submit your candidate Portal for consideration.
In order to help us address our growing queue of new Portal submissions, starting Dec 31, 2014 we will temporarily suspend the Seer Medal. You will maintain your current Seer Medal status, and we will continue to accept new submissions but new Portals submitted after Dec 31, 2014 will not be counted towards the Seer Medal.
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