Organize with the "Low Priority" label

Emails you're less likely to read are in the "Low Priority" label. If you used "Priority Inbox" or the "Important First" inbox in Gmail, you'll see the "Low Priority" label bundled in your inbox by default. You can change your settings to turn "Low Priority" on or off in your inbox.

If you're new to labels in Inbox, you might want to first learn more about how labels work.

Which emails show up in "Low Priority"

Messages in the Low Priority label are the same emails that are marked "Not important" in Gmail. For example, bulk emails like promotional messages or social updates are often marked "Not important." But the emails you see in "Low Priority" depend on whether you're looking at the label in your inbox or in the main menu.

In your Inbox

You'll see emails that match "Low Priority," but don't match any other bundled labels in your inbox. For example, most promotional emails match "Low Priority," but if the Promos label is bundled in your inbox, promotional emails will be there instead of Low Priority.

In the​ Menu

You'll see every email that matches "Low Priority," even if it also matches another label. By default, each email will also be in your inbox, but an email may be in another label that it matches.

Turn "Low Priority" on or off in your inbox

If you don't want to see "Low Priority" in your inbox anymore, you can turn off bundling for that label. The emails that were showing in "Low Priority" in your inbox will then be shown individually in your inbox.

By default, if you have "Low Priority" bundled, you won't see the "Social," "Updates," "Forums," or " labels in your inbox. If you do want to use any of those labels, just turn bundling on for those labels.

If you don't already see "Low Priority" in your inbox, you can try organizing your emails with "Low Priority" by turning bundling on. Learn more about bundling labels.


"Remove from" moves email to "Low Priority"

When you remove an email from a label, it might end up in "Low Priority." Learn more about moving emails in or out of labels.

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