Image Labeler FAQs

I’m not sure about the answer. What should I do?

At times, you’ll come across an image where you’re not sure what the answer is. For example, if you’re working on the category of Cars and you see an image like one of those below:

In such cases, we ask that you use your best judgement and give us what you think is the right answer. If you really feel unsure, please feel free to skip that question and move on to the next one using the SKIP option on the bottom left of the screen.


Will I get paid for my answers?

No, this is a community effort - we rely on the goodwill of our users to help make the quality of services such as Google Photos and Image Search better, so that everybody in the world can benefit from it.


Where do these images come from? Will my personal pictures be shown to other users?

All the images that we show you here are publicly shared on the internet under a creative commons license - which means the owners of these images have released the images for public use. We do not show any pictures from your Photos library to any other user.


How are the categories selected?

We want to make sure that we show you images that’d be of interest to you. Therefore, we offer you similar categories as you have in your Google Photos library.

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