Book on Google checkout flow

The Book on Google checkout flow for Hotels allows customers to select, review, and pay for a hotel booking without leaving Google.

Customers can enter the checkout flow when they click on a room in a Hotel ad that the partner has configured to link to the Book on Google checkout flow rather than to their own site. This only happens in instances where the partner specifies that the user type should be redirected to Book on Google.

Once they’re in the checkout flow, customers are able to complete their booking without opening another page.

How it works

The Book on Google checkout flow offers customers rich product information and the opportunity to explore different options for their booking. It also offers partners the ability to customize their Book on Google page.

Partners set up the flow using the Book on Google API. While most parts of the checkout flow are standard elements, partners can customize some features to reflect their own branding.

Customizable elements

Partners can choose to add branded elements to their Book on Google checkout flows.


Partners can choose to include their logo at the top of the checkout flow. The hotel’s name will appear if the partner chooses not to include their own logo.

Partner logos must meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum width: 256 px
  • Maximum height: 88 px
  • Logos smaller than the maximum dimensions will be scaled to fit a 256x88 px space.
  • Preferred formats are EPS, SVG, or PNG
    • JPG and GIF formats are not preferred

Partner display name

For hotel suppliers, the name of the hotel will be listed throughout the checkout flow as well as in the terms of service. For online travel agencies, the partner’s name will be displayed.

Confirmation email

Google will send customers a confirmation email once they finish their booking in the checkout flow. Partners have the option to customize the customer service information in the confirmation email. Partners can also choose to send their own confirmation email to the customer in addition to the one sent by Google.
The Google confirmation email will include important details on the customer’s booking, including the hotel and the dates they’ve booked, as well as information on how the customer can amend their booking and get in touch with the partner’s customer service team. We recommend that confirmation emails from partners include a similar level of detail.

Confirmation panel

Once a customer has successfully reviewed and paid for their booking, a confirmation panel will summarize the details and provide a confirmation number. It will also list the partner’s customer support contact information.
Partners can choose to redirect to the partner site’s confirmation panel, rather than displaying the BoG confirmation panel.

Escape hatch link

Partners can choose to offer customers an escape hatch link to the partner’s site. The customer can use this link to leave the Book on Google checkout flow and finish their booking on the partner’s site instead. If enabled, this link appears under the “Confirm your room choice” header.
Partners define the escape hatch link destination by adding it as the dynamic URL in the points of sale file for the user click.

Standard features

Hotel details

All checkout flows for Book on Google for Hotels feature a “hotel details” section. This includes:
  • The hotel’s name, location, and contact details
  • The hotel’s amenities
  • Photos of the hotel

These details are the same as the ones that appear on other Google surfaces, such as Maps and Search.


Customers pay for their booking in the “Payment” panel using a credit or debit card. Any personal details they’ve saved in their Google Account, in addition to any payment details they’ve saved in Google Pay, will autofill here if the customer is logged in to Google.
This panel also offers links to Google Payments’ Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.
If there’s no payment required at booking, partners can choose to use “Paymentless Booking”, where Google will not collect any payment details in the Payment Panel, and suggests payments are made at checkout time.

Paymentless booking

Partners may designate “pay when you stay” rates that do not require a credit card guarantee when booking. This allows customers to waive processing a payment through Google in the Hotel checkout flow.
With paymentless booking, the payment step in the checkout flow is skipped, and no credit card information is collected. Learn more about Paymentless Booking

Price change warnings

When customers are directed to the Book on Google for Hotels checkout flow from a Hotel Ad, Google will compare this rate to the room rate freshly fetched through Book on Google API.
If the two prices are different — due to a change in price that occurred in the time between the user clicking a Hotel Ad and clicking through to the checkout flow, for instance — Google will warn the customers that a change has occurred. All price data is pulled from the partner's inventory at the time the page is loaded, and Google’s ability to provide price change warnings is wholly dependent on the data made available by the partner via the Book on Google API. Google compares the Book on Google API price to the advertiser’s Price Feed price in our cache.
Google will also warn the customer if the room they are trying to book is no longer available.

Room selection

The Book on Google for Hotels checkout flow offers all customers the chance to select a room. While the checkout flow will open with their first choice selected, they will be able to see rates, options, and features for comparable rooms in the same hotel. They’ll be able to choose one of these rooms instead without leaving the checkout flow. All room information displayed is pulled from the advertiser’s inventory at the time the page is loaded, and is wholly dependent on what data is made available by the partner via the Book on Google API.
Google always displays prices in users’ currencies. When the price charged is in a different currency, Google automatically converts the result to the user’s currency and shows the total due in both the user’s currency and the charged currency.

Review panel

Before finalizing their booking, customers will see a confirmation panel that invites them to review key information about their booking, including:
  • Booking details, including prices, itinerary, and cancellation policy
  • Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • The partner’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
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