Use the bid simulator to analyze your Hotel campaigns

The Hotels Ads bid simulator helps you learn how a given bid for a particular hotel group might perform. Use it to learn about the opportunity landscape across your bids and what each opportunity would cost.

How it works

The bid simulator collects and analyzes data from Hotel Ad auctions on Google from the previous 7 days. It also considers information such as the quality of your ads, your competitors' bids, and bid adjustment data. The tool then estimates how certain changes to your base bid may impact your clicks, cost, impressions, and conversions.

Before you begin

Keep in mind:

  • Bid changes for a hotel group can increase traffic significantly. This could cause you to reach your budget limit. We’ll show you the projected cost for bid changes, and you might need to raise your budget to make the most of the changes.
  • The bid simulator’s estimates don’t reflect the adjustments other advertisers might make.
  • This tool is available when ads for a hotel group have been included in enough auctions, or gained enough impressions, to estimate their performance with a different bid amount. If you don’t see the bid simulator, you probably need to let your ads run for a little while longer. You could also try to join more auctions by increasing your bids or participation rate.
  • The data displayed in the bid simulator for your current bid is a projection based on your traffic over the previous 7 days. If you recently changed your bid, you may notice a discrepancy between the current data in the bid simulator and the data available in your account.
  • If you are not bidding in US dollars, we convert the “Max. CPC Bid,” “Cost,” and “Conv.” columns from USD to the currency you’ve set for your customer account. The conversion uses rates available at the time of the simulation, so those estimates may contain slight inaccuracies caused by daily currency rate fluctuations.


Here's how to see your estimates for an individual hotel group:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab and select the campaign you want to work with.
  3. Next, click the Hotel groups tab and select a hotel group.
  4. Click the simulator graph icon next to the bid in the “Max. CPC” column or “Max. CPC%” column.
  5. In the bid simulator window, select different bid options to see how they could impact your traffic.
  6. To change your bid and apply it directly to your hotel group, select a new bid option in the bid simulator and click Save.
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