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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Center. Going forward, the Hotel Center will replace the Hotel Ads Center as the primary feeds interface for your Hotel Ads. If you are still using the Hotel Ads Center, learn more about making the transition to the new Hotel Center experience

A landing page (formerly Point of Sale/POS) represents the URL destination for when a partner clicks on a hotel ad price on Google and gets redirected to a partner website.

The landing page settings in Hotel Center help you define, organize, and manage all your landing page configurations. You can create a new landing page, upload/test/download multiple pages, and/or remove/edit an existing one.

This article explains recent updates to the landing page experience in Hotel Center.

How to view your landing pages

To view your landing pages in Hotel Center:

  1. Log in to your Hotel Center account.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Landing page.
Note: When reviewing your landing pages, your coverage rates may not add up to 100%. Coverage is based on the percent of estimated potential traffic to your account and the percent of traffic you’re missing.

If you haven’t added any landing pages to your account yet, you won’t see the landing pages list on this page.

Add a new landing page

To add a new landing page:

  1. On the landing page view, select Manage.
  2. Click on the Upload tab.
  3. Upload your landing page XML file using the recommended syntax. Learn more about how to format your XML file.
  4. Click Submit.
    • After you submit your XML file, Google will test and validate the URL. You will see a list of the landing pages you uploaded. Landing pages that uploaded correctly will show with a green checkmark Google Manufacturer Center - checkmark, and landing pages that have errors will show with a red X .
  5. Click Publish to confirm your changes.
Note: Ensure that the generated sample URLs are valid for each landing page ID. Invalid URLs will lead to more missed participation of your account.

To remove multiple landing pages, delete the landing pages from the XML file and re-upload it.

Fix URL test errors

URL test errors indicate that the details of a given landing page are incorrect or aren’t formatted properly. In that case, Google won’t be able to show the Hotel Ads related to that landing page. Here’s how to troubleshoot URL test errors.

  • If you see red check marks: Review the last changes you made to your URL parameters on the "Edit" page and check if the changes were formatted correctly.
  • If the uploader could not generate test URLs: When testing URLs, you may receive a message saying that no prices match your landing page parameters.
    • If you see this error message, try these steps:
      1. Check your feed status for warnings that Google is experiencing errors while parsing your prices.
      2. Check your URL parameters. If you’ve updated your site capabilities, the new parameters may not match your cached prices on Google.
      3. If you use AllowablePointsOfSale, update your price feed with the POS ID in context. This will allow Google to generate test URLs.
  • If you see a “Failed to parse XML” error: Review the error details provided, as well as the line and column where there are issues on your XML file.

If none of these solutions resolve your problem, contact Google support for help.

Reorder your landing pages

You can reorder your landing pages by priority so that you can choose which pages Google will match first. Simply re-upload your landing page file with the high-priority landing pages towards the top of your list. If multiple landing pages match a user search, Google will match it to the first one on your list. Learn more about landing page matching.

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