About Book on Google’s content quality guidelines for Hotels

Providing high-quality content is the first step to ensuring that customers have a good experience when they use Book on Google for Hotels. To help make sure your content is offering the best possible customer journey, Google recommends Book on Google partners follow content quality guidelines when integrating their data with the platform.

Hotel Ads data
Content element Preferred standard
Price accuracy in Hotels Ads Excellent accuracy
Hotel Ads price feed data
Content element Preferred standard
Room rates Only rates that are bookable in the API appear in Book on Google. Read our developer documentation to learn more about the Rates attribute in the API.
Room selection All available rooms are shown in the Room Booking Module
Photo coverage All properties have room photos
Photo quality Photos feature beds, room types, and/or room configurations
Room names Rooms have concise names describing their bed or room type
Structured room/rate amenities Rooms have structured room rate amenities (for example, free WiFi, breakfast, refundable bookings) when applicable
Room Bundles and Book on Google data
Content element Preferred standard
Room/rate matching The customer’s chosen room and rate are available in the Booking Availability API response
Checkout flow room photos Match those seen in the Room Booking Module
Checkout flow room names Match those seen in the Room Booking Module
Checkout flow room/rate amenities Match those seen in the Room Booking Module
Book on Google API data
Content element Preferred standard
Photos All room types have useful photos of beds and layout
Room names Room names are concise and describe both the bed and room types
Room descriptions Room descriptions are concise and show clear differences between different room types
Rate distinctions Different rates for the same room type are clearly distinguished in the room name, room description, amenities, or cancellation policy content, preferably as structured rate amenities
Cancellation policy A structured cancellation policy is provided, including specific dates and cancellation penalty fees
Localization User-facing content (room names and descriptions, rate descriptions, cancellation policies, etc.) returned in the API is localized to the user’s language

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