About how Book on Google works with Hotels Ads feeds

Existing Hotel Ads

Book on Google for Hotels doesn’t impact existing Hotel Ads auctions, reporting, or the Standard Booking Module. As a result, a partner may show in both the Standard Booking Module and in the Room Booking Module.

Existing Hotel Ads bids are used for Book on Google in the Room Booking Module. Partners are charged for these transactions based on delayed click, which means that they are charged not from the click on the Room Booking Module, but one step later, when the user selects a room in the checkout flow. This way, partners are only charged when the traffic is more highly qualified.

Impact on traffic

Integrating Book on Google may shift your Hotel Ads traffic. This is due to the movement of the Room Booking Module and the variable number of partners who are visible in it for a given booking. It is possible that your metrics may change. Please work with your account team at Google for additional guidance.

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