Measure clicks and conversions from vacation packages

Vacation packages tools and reports are located in the Hotel Center. These reports allow you to view the performance of the vacation packages you make available via Google.

Vacation packages combine hotel, flights, and amenities for a single price. Once you provide the details of the vacation packages you wish to offer, these will appear on Google travel searches, and be shown to people based on the combined price of the hotel and flights.

Before you begin

In order to use tools for vacation packages you’ll need a working Hotel Center account. You can control access to the click and conversion measurement tools and others in the sharing settings for Hotel Center.

Measure your clicks and conversions

When you sign in to your Hotel Center account, you’ll be able to view metrics for your clicks, conversions and conversion rate. You can view the definition of clicks, conversions, and conversion rate in the table below.


Clicks are the total number of times users interacted with your vacation package offers by clicking on them. This event typically shows an “intention“ to book a vacation.


When a click results in a booking, it is counted as a conversion. To enable conversion tracking, you must add a snippet of code on your booking confirmation page as described here.

Conversion rate

The number of conversions divided by the number of clicks.

For example, if you have two conversions and 10 clicks, the Conversion rate is 20%.


From the drop-down under “View by,” select from one of the following: Country, User language, or Device type. The data in these rows can be sorted by column value in ascending or descending order.

Check the boxes next to any of the languages, user countries, or device types to see the data for these categories as a line graph. You can select the period of time to view your data, for example, clicks in the last 7 days.

Note: The time stamp for your data will appear according to UTC time. A day is defined as the period between midnight (0:00) to midnight, UTC.

To download the data in the table as a CSV file, click Download as CSV.

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