What makes up a Hotel ad

After a traveler clicks on a hotel in the Hotel search unit (part of Google Search) , they can click through to the Hotel ads booking module. The module contains:

Here are the five components of hotel ads within Google Search.

Step 1  Hotel photos and tabs for prices, hotel reviews, overview, location, and more photos.

Step 2  Hotel name, class, address, phone number, and links to the hotel website or directions. Also included in this section: hotel reviews, highlights, and a hotel description. 
Step 3  A "Book a Room" button takes travelers directly to Hotel ads booking links.

Step 4 Booking module: Travelers can adjust prices by check-in and check-out day, as well as the number of guests. In the hotel price feed, you can configure prices to change in response to what the traveler searches for.

Step 5 A booking link, which takes travelers to a landing page for a hotel. You can configure this link to include a small logo and call out attractive hotel features or amenities.

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