How to get started with hotel campaigns

Hotel campaigns let you set bids and compete for booking links displayed alongside hotel search results on Google Search, Maps and Assistant (see example).

To participate in hotel campaigns, you must provide price and availability for rooms via a price feed (or work with an integration partner who provides the prices on your behalf). Hotel rooms also must meet listing requirements.

Because hotel prices change in response to available inventory, it's highly recommended you work with a third-party integrator to integrate the following with Google Search results:

  • A hotel list feed, which is a list of your hotels, their name, address, and attributes such as Wi-Fi access, parking, and airport shuttle
  • A hotel price feed that contains pricing and availability information about a hotel room for a selected itinerary
  • A way to send these prices to Google by choosing a delivery mode
  • Point-of-sale URLs where customers can book your property online

Find an integration partner

Third-party integrators provide your hotel rates and availability to Google, and can also manage your hotel campaigns. If you don't have an authorized integration partner, we'll help you find one:

Find an integration partner

Direct integration

It's highly recommended you work with an authorized integration provider to guide you through technical set-up. If, however, you prefer to integrate directly with Google, review the Hotel Ads criteria and policies to check your eligibility for direct integration with Hotel Ads.

If you need help with your hotel ads, please contact us or request to chat with a support specialist.
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