About migrating Hotel campaigns to Google Ads

If you've linked your Hotel Ads Center account to a Google Ads account, you can migrate your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads. Managing Hotel ads in the new Google Ads experience allows partners to take advantage of Google Ads features, including:

Richer ad management

  • Increased campaign limits.
  • More intuitive functionality: Group your hotels by attributes like country/region and star rating, and set specific bids for these groups.
  • At a glance, see the scope of your Hotel campaigns, ad groups, and hotel groups.

Powerful analysis

  • Faster reporting (some performance metrics like impressions and clicks have 3-hour latency) that's customized to the advertiser timezone and currency.
  • View your Hotel campaign ad spend and performance next to other Google Ads campaign types (Search, Video, Display, Hotel, etc.), and all in one place across your accounts using manager accounts.
  • Use Report Editor to customize reporting on performance of campaigns, ad groups, and hotel groups, based on metrics that are important to your business.
  • Automate reporting with reporting templates and scheduling.

Access to Google Ads features

  • Find ways to grow reach and bookings on the Recommendations page.
  • Self-serve billing setup, and budget control at the account and campaign level.
  • Faster UI and API response times.

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