How to test gtag.js conversions for Hotel ads

This article shows you how your browser can tell you if your Hotel Ads conversion pixel is working properly.

Before you begin:

  • You can use any browser to test if your tag fires in the presence of a gclid
    • You can use the Safari 12 browser on a Mac to test ITP compatibility
      • You may have to update your computer to install the latest version of Safari
  • Keep in mind that you may see multiple pixels firing if you're also using the legacy Hotel Ads conversion pixel on any other browser.
    • If so, you don't need to remove the legacy pixel at this time; duplicate conversions are automatically removed.



  1. Search for a hotel through Google and click on the hotel's link, but don't complete the booking yet.
  2. Complete the following depending on your browser: 

    In Safari: Right-click on the page and select Inspect Element. You may have to enable the Develop menu in Safari.  Go to the Network tab and click Preserve log.

    In Chrome:  Right click on the page, click Inspect, click the Network tab, then select Preserve log.
  3. Complete your booking (including payment, and pressing the confirm button)
  4. While on the confirmation page, view the Network tab in the Developer tool. Search for “googletraveladservices”, click on the ping (usually identified by a “?data=hct” ) and select the Headers tab within the “Network” tab.


  5. The click URL should contain “&gclha=” which is the click ID for Hotel Ads. If it's absent, your conversion won't be recorded. You should also be able to see the event snippet responses at the bottom of the page.

Example url:
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