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Important: This article applies only to campaigns in the Hotel Ads Center. If you've migrated to Google Ads, read about Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

Whether you decide to start off with a new account for Hotel campaigns, or migrate your existing account to campaigns, requires careful consideration.

New Hotel Ads partners:

It's recommended to start with one global campaign that targets all your markets and hotels and select a Smart Bidding strategy such as CPA or Target ROAS to get started. You can then refine your strategy with more targeted campaigns as you gain insight into your account's performance and specific opportunities.

Existing partners:

Campaigns offer many ways to bid and structure your account. For existing Hotel Ads partners, this may mean that it's preferable to start using campaigns with a new account structure, or you may prefer to first migrate your existing bids over to campaigns before continuing to iterate.

Migrating your legacy account bids to campaigns requires careful planning. Existing partners should first read Get started with Hotel campaigns, then the Migration guide.


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