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Important: This article applies only to the Hotel Ads Center. If you migrated your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads, read about bidding for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

Each campaign has a single bid strategy, and all ads within the campaign must use that strategy. You can define a campaign's bid strategy and default bid with the "Edit Campaign" view of the Hotel Ads Center. This default bid or target will be used for all ads in your campaign, unless you set a more granular override at the ad group or hotel id level.

Set the campaign default bid

  1. Open Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Dashboard tab.
  3. Select View by > Campaign. In the table at the bottom, select the name of the campaign you want to edit:

  4. This will bring you to the "Campaign View." Click the Campaign Settings button:

  5. From the Bid Strategy drop-down list, select a bid strategy:

  6. You can set the following bid strategies:
    • CPA: Set a cost-per-conversion equal to a percent of booking value. You can choose any percent value you'd like.
    • Max CPC (percent): In the "Base Bid" field, enter a percent of the total booking value. This will be the for all bids in your campaign. For example, enter "6.4" for your bid to be 6.4% of the total booking value for each ad.
    • Max CPC (fixed): In the "Base Bid" field, enter a fixed amount that will be your campaign's fixed bid. For example, to set your campaign's bid for any auction to $9.42, enter "9.42". You can also choose a different currency.
    • Target ROAS (return on ad spend): In the "Target ROAS" field, enter the percentage that you want as a return on your ad spend. For example, to achieve a 500% return on your spend, enter "500".
    • Commission (net of cancellation): In the "Commission" field, enter the percentage of the booking value that you will pay as a commission. For example, if you are willing to pay 11% of the booking value as a commission, enter "11". (Commission is available for qualified partners only.)
  7. Click the Save button.


  • The campaign default bid can also be edited directly from the dashboard when viewing that campaign.
  • Depending on the bid strategy you choose, you can further refine your campaign with granular bids or using bid multipliers. For more information, see Campaign bidding guide

Change Enhanced CPC settings

If your account has conversion tracking enabled, Enhanced Cost-per-Click (ECPC) will be enabled by default for campaigns using a compatible bid strategy. ECPC works with Max CPC (fixed or percent) bid strategies. For more information about ECPC, see Campaign bidding guide

To enable (or disable) ECPC for a campaign:

  1. Ensure that conversion tracking is enabled for the campaign.
  2. Open Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  3. Select the Dashboard tab.
  4. Select View by > Campaign. In the table at the bottom, select the name of the campaign you want to edit. This will bring you to the "Campaign View."
  5. Click the Campaign Settings button. The "Edit Campaign" view displays.

  6. Toggle the checkbox next to "Enhanced CPC." If this checkbox isn't visible, check that your bid strategy is Max CPC (fixed) or Max CPC (percent). You cannot use ECPC with the other bid strategies.
  7. After you toggle the checkbox, click the Save button.

Offline bidding

Just like accounts and sub-accounts, campaigns support offline bidding via CSV file. This allows you to manage bids for your campaign in bulk with offline tools. You can access this via the "Bulk Edit Bids" button on the campaign dashboard:

When editing offline bids for campaigns, use the same rules as described in Editing Bids CSV Files. For campaigns, the value of the group field is still required, but it is the ad group. (Hotel groups aren't part of campaigns.)

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