Overclustering Fix tool

The Overclustering Fix tool helps you resolve overclustered hotels with a simple, familiar interface. The tool displays all hotels in a cluster, and you select the hotel in your feed that should match the canonical hotel. The tool then automatically unmatches all of the other hotels in the cluster.

To fix overclustering:

  1. Log in to your Google Hotel Ads Center account.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Select Matching Report on the left-hand side. The Console displays a list of hotels from your Hotel List Feed.
  4. Filter the list to show just overclustered hotels by clicking the Match Status dropdown and selecting "Overclustered", as the following example shows:

  5. Click the Apply Filters button to apply the filter.

    The tool displays a list of only overclustered hotels, as the following example shows:

  6. In the "HOTEL ID OVERCLUSTERED WITH" column of the Matching Report, click the pencil icon for the overclustered hotel that you want to fix.

    The Console displays the Overclustering Fix tool, as the following example shows:

    The canonical Google hotel is displayed at the top of the list. On the map, it is indicated by the red pin. All hotels from your feed that are in the cluster are indicated by green pins.

  7. Find the single, correct feed hotel and select it in the Overclustering Fix tool.

    The tool asks you to confirm the match, and warns you that all other feed hotels in the cluster will be unmatched after you confirm your changes.

    NOTE: Unmatched hotels are ineligible for ad serving until they are matched to other hotels in Google's canonical list. To fix unmatched hotels, use the Manual Match Fix tool.
  8. Click the Confirm button. If you made a mistake, click the Cancel button.

    The Overclustering Fix tool saves your changes and automatically unmatches the other hotels in the cluster (you do not need to manually unmatch them). For information on how long before your changes take effect, and how to check on the status, see Verifying your changes.

Verifying your changes

When you unmatch hotels with the Overclustering Fix tool, it typically takes up to 5 days for the change to take effect. During that time, the Matching Report will display "Unmatch fix pending" next to those hotels.

You can use the Matching Report to check their status:

  • Quick overview: Check the Matching Report's status bar to get counts of your unmatched hotels and overclustered hotels, and your overall matching percentage, as the following example shows:

  • Complete list: Use the Matching Report's filter to display a list of all currently unmatched or overclustered properties:

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