Brand support in the Hotel Ads Center

The Hotel Ads Center has support for sub-brand hotels, which provides an opportunity to generate brand-specific performance reports. You can also associate callouts, icons (or logos), and other ad extensions with a branded set of hotels. 

Brand support is especially useful for advertisers who want to enable performance tracking and updates across specific brands, while still maintaining their existing hotel group structure. For example, you might have clustered groups of similarly performing hotels together to leverage an advanced bidding strategy, but want to use similar ad messages for hotels of a specific brand within the group.

Note: Unlike sub-accounts, hotel brands do not allow for differentiated payment information, billing information, or account management capabilities.

How to create brands

To create a brand in your Hotel Ads Center dashboard, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Tools in the top navigation.
  2. Navigate to Extensions library in the left navigation panel and select Brand assignment.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to:
    1. Download a template CSV file in which you'll create your brand mappings.
    2. Upload the same CSV file to your Hotel Ads Center account.

Note: A hotel can only be a member of a single brand. 

View performance data

Your Hotel Ads Center account tracks performance metrics for your brands that include impressions, clicks, shares, cost, conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS), and other valuable insights. To view performance data for your brands, follow the directions below.

  1. Log into your Hotel Ads Center account.
  2. Click Dashboard in the top navigation.
  3. Navigate to View By > Hotel Brand in the left navigation panel to view performance metrics, as shown below.

Associate callouts with brands

Callouts (previously known as taglines) are 2 lines of customizable text that appear with your ad in the number one search position. Callouts can bring more attention to your ad and provide viewers with more information about your hotels. To associate callouts with brands, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click Dashboard, then navigate to View by > Hotel Brand.
  2. Select a specific brand to see its performance view. 
  3. Click Configure extensions in the top navigation to associate callouts with that brand. 
  4. Click +Extension to begin associating a callout with this brand.



Associate icons with your hotel account or brands

In the Hotel Ads Center, you can use the “Icon uploader” to upload an icon that is associated with your account or a sub-brand of hotels. Once it is approved, this icon will appear in the hotel booking module.

To upload an icon:

  1. Log into your Hotel Ads Center account.
  2. Click Tools in the main menu.
  3. Click Icon uploader in the left menu under "Extensions Library."

Icon requirements are:

  • 72x72 pixels or larger
  • Square dimensions
  • No more than three text characters per icon
  • .PNG format
  • Transparent or non-white background

Approvals for callouts and icons

You don't need to wait for approval to associate a callout or icon with an entity in your account, but neither will show in search results until they're approved. It can take 3-5 days for a callout or icon to appear live.

You can find the approval status for icons and callouts by signing into your account, then clicking on Tools and Extensions Library. To find the approval status for callouts, click Callouts. For icons, click Icon Uploader .


You can define brands by using the “Brand Assignment” tool.


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