How to set up Smart Alerts


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

Use Email Alerts to set up and customize alerts about your Hotel Ads metrics. Once opted-in, you will receive up to 1 email per day, per partner account that you have access to. Alerts will notify you about unusual changes in performance, impressions, aggregates, budgets, and other data points.

Sign into your Hotel Ads Center account, click Account in the top navigation and then click Smart Alert Setup in the left-hand navigation to get started with email alerts. Here, you can specify frequency, what metrics to monitor, and set thresholds and other filters for each alert. The three alert types are Performance, Price Accuracy and Conversion Tracking.

What triggers alerts

Performance alerts are triggered if we detect an "unusual" change in your metrics. An unusual change means a significant decrease in your traffic relative to data for that weekday from the previous 6 months. For example, the following situations could trigger an alert:

  • Performance drops to near 0
  • Dramatic change in unique hotels impressions
  • Change in price accuracy score
  • Aggregate changes
  • Change in daily budget
  • Bid changes
  • POS changes
  • Decrease in number of properties

Configure alerts

To set up an alert, navigate to Smart Alert Setup and press Next to display a performance alert selection page. To choose what types of alerts you want, select the metrics to track and what device(s) for each metric, as shown below:

Click Next and follow the prompts to select price accuracy level and conversion tracking.

Change an alert

When you've set up your alert, you can go back and change your preferences at any time in Smart Alert Setup.

Cancel an alert

To opt out of an alert, follow the link in your initial alerts email from Google or uncheck the alert preferences you had previously selected in Smart Alert Setup.

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