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Price Competitiveness Report

Use the Price Competitiveness Report to get insights into how your prices compare to competitors' prices on the same hotel itineraries. You can also download the report as a CSV and review the API data to see if your prices were the lowest.
This report can also help you monitor your hotels' price performance in your markets and help you decide whether to make changes to your bidding or pricing strategies in those markets.

To access the Price Competitiveness Report in Hotel Ads Center:

Hotel Ads Center account > Intelligence (top navigation) > Reports (left-hand navigation) > Price Competitiveness Report

The following table describes the columns in the Price Competitiveness Report:

Column name 


User Country

The country the user is in when viewing the hotel ad, provided as a 2-letter country code.

Hotel ID

The unique identifier for your hotel property.

Check-in date

Check-in date for the itinerary.

Length of stay (LOS)

Length of stay for the itinerary.

Slotted partner count bucketed

The number of partners given whose ads were given slots. Bucketed to 0, 1, and 2+.

Cheapest slotted price partner type

The type of partner who had the cheapest price for the given itinerary. This can be one of the following:

  • NONE (if no partners had prices that could participate in the auction)
  • ​OTA
  • ​MULTIPLE (if both a supplier and an OTA had the cheapest price to within ~2%)

Hotel impressions

The total number of impressions available (i.e. the maximum number of impressions you could win, assuming full participation).

Impressions with participation

The total number of impressions that you participated in.

Slotted impressions

The total number of impressions in which you received a slot.

Missed participation no price

The number of auctions that your hotels did not participate in because one or more of your hotels did not have pricing information.

Missed participation no availability

The number of auctions that your hotels did not participate in because the hotel/itinerary combination was not available.

Average ad position

The average order in which your ad appears on a page, relative to all other ads in all slots. The value of Ad Position is the result of the auction. If your ad did not appear, this is blank.

Average daily rate (ADR)

The average cost of stay (including taxes & fees, in USD) shown on your ads.

Average booked total price USD

The average price of a hotel stay, averaged across all the same itineraries.

Average daily rate lowest delta USD

The difference between your ad’s price and the lowest price among of all the partners who participated in an auction.


Total number of clicks on your ads. This event typically shows an intention to book a stay at that hotel.

How to read your Price Competitiveness Report

Your report shows how your prices for specific combinations of hotels, booking dates and times ranked against other hotels with comparable offerings.

The entire report covers one day of activity. A line of the report corresponds to all the activity that happened for a particular set of conditions. The conditions are:

  • User country
  • ​Hotel ID
  • Check-in date
  • ​Length of stay
  • Slotted partner count bucketed
  • Cheapest slotted price partner type

For example, 10 users have all the same following characteristics:

  1. Located in the US

  2. Viewed the Sunnyvale Sheraton

  3. Started their check-in on May 5, 2017

  4. Expected to stay 5 days

  5. Viewed 2 partner ads, where the partner with the cheapest price was an OTA

Those 10 users would all appear in one line of the report.

If another user had the same characteristics, except they planned to stay for 6 days, then that user's activity would show in a different line in the report.

In each of these rows, your prices will be marked as less than (“-X”), equal to (“0”), or more than (“X”) the lowest price in a particular auction.

The average daily rate lowest delta USD column of your report shows your price competitiveness:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Will this be a daily report?

A: Currently, the report is generated daily.

Q: Is the average ad position column weighted based on partner impressions or on another metric?

A: The denominator is the total number of times the partner was slotted (i.e., appeared in the top 2 or the expanded rates menu).

Q: What is the difference between "missed participation no availability" and "missed participation no price"?

A: "No price" is when a partner didn’t provide a price for a specific itinerary, whereas "no availability" means that the partner didn’t have a room open for a specific itinerary.

Q: Can average daily rate used be in other currencies?

A: No, only USD because Google is logging prices in USD.

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