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This section provides answers to common questions that you might have about sub accounts.

Q: How are sub accounts different from Hotel Groups?

A: Sub accounts are different from Hotel Groups in the following ways:

  • You can limit access to sub accounts, without giving access to the master account or other hotels in that feed
  • Sub accounts can use direct billing
  • Sub accounts let you control budget/spending cap

Q: Can sub accounts manage the Hotel List Feed?

No. Only the master account can manage the Hotel List Feed. This also applies to the Pricing feed and the Point of Sale configuration.

Q: Who can access the data in sub accounts?

Users of each sub account only have access to that account and the data of its sub accounts, by default. The Owner/Editor of the master account has access to all data for all sub accounts.

Parent accounts can use the Console to focus on performance for just their hotels, or they can roll up all sub account data to view that data in the aggregate.

Q: How many levels of sub accounts can I create?

A: We limit the depth of the sub account hierarchy to 5 (including the master account).

Q: What bid strategies are available for sub accounts?

A: CPC (fixed) and CPC (percent) bid strategies can be used by all accounts.

Target ROAS can be used by all accounts, as long as the direct-billed account has set up conversion tracking.

Commission net of cancellation can be used by the master account only.

Q: How do I set bids for a hotel that is assigned to a sub account?

You can set bids via the 2.0 Bids API or the Hotel Center.

Q: Can sub accounts access APIs?

A: For specific APIs, yes, sub accounts have access (including the Bids, Reports, and Budgets APIs).

Only the master account has access to the data feeds and APIs such as the Hotel List Feed, Price Feed, Points of Sale file, conversions, and Feed Status.

Q: How does a user see performance data for a hotel that is assigned to a sub account?

A: To see performance via the Console, sign into the sub account to which the hotel is assigned.

To see performance via the API, use the API 2.0 and make requests using the account ID of the sub account to which the hotel is assigned.

Also, users of the master (or parent) accounts can use the Console or API to see performance roll-ups that include all of their sub accounts.

Q: Can a user of a parent account set bids on hotels in sub accounts?

A: From a parent account in the Console, no. But the owner of the parent account can access the sub account where they can then change bids. Users of a parent account automatically have access to child accounts, but not the other way around.

Q: Can sub accounts manage deep links or Points of Sale?

No. Only the master account can manage deep links or Points of Sale. Sub account owners should reach out to the master account owners to coordinate any changes to their Hotel Ads Point of Sale configuration. The technical contacts are listed in the Account tab.

Q: How is historical data displayed prior to me setting up sub accounts?

Sub accounts can only see performance for their hotels from the time the hotels were assigned to that account.

A hotel's history is displayed as "unmanaged" in the Console and reports until the hotel is added to a sub account. A hotel's history affects sub account statistics only from the date the hotel was added to the sub account.

Performance statistics for hotels are accumulated by the account that has the hotel assigned. The following example illustrates this:

  • If hotel X is moved from account A to B, then old data remains in A, and new data accumulates in B.
  • Account A will see data for hotel X if you are viewing a date range that includes the time when hotel X was still managed by account A.
  • Account A will see a special group called "Unmanaged" if you are viewing by Hotel Group. This is because hotels are removed from Account A's groups when they are moved to other accounts.

Q: Will sub accounts receive a daily performance report via email?

A: No, only master accounts will receive a daily performance report via email. Performance reports for sub accounts will be available in the Intelligence tab or will be available via the Reports API (version 2.0).

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