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Hotel Ads FAQ

How do I update my Point of Sale (POS) file?

Use the Point of Sale Editor to add, change, or remove Points of Sale (POSes) in an existing Points of Sale file. Access the Point of Sale Editor by following these steps after you log into your Hotel Ads Center account:

  1. Navigate to Tools (in the top navigation)

  2. Select Point of Sale (in the left-hand navigation menu) and click Point of Sale Editor

  3. Click a POS to edit

Follow these step-by-step directions to add, edit, or delete a POS.

What is an “Automated Check Score Drop” alert?

Getting an alert that your Hotel Ads Center account experienced an “Automated Check Score Drop,” means your accuracy score experienced material drops and needs to be improved.

To opt-in to alerts or to review/change your email alert settings, see “Setting up Email Alerts”. To improve your accuracy score, review “Price Accuracy Report” and “Improve Price Accuracy.”

How do I update my Hotel List Feed?

The Hotel List Feed is a complete list of all properties that you want to display on Google Hotel Ads. We use the information in your Hotel List Feed to match your properties to the canonical listing on Google Maps.

To update your Hotel List Feed, correct or update any errors in the file and update the file in your Hotel Ads Center account, depending on your delivery mode.

For more information about updating your feed, see the Hotel List Feed article. To learn more about resolving feed issues, take a look at the list of feed error codes.

How do I fix transaction message errors?

Review transaction message errors by using the Feed Status Tool, which generates a report of feeds that include errors and/or warnings that Google encountered when processing those feeds. Filter the report to by file type, status, or time period to get more granular insights into your feed errors. You can also use the Feed Status v.2.0 to generate the same reports.

Why are my hotels over- or under-clustered?

Over-clustering usually happens when one or more of your hotel properties appears to be a duplicate of another property. Hotels are often over-clustered in densely populated areas, such as Las Vegas or other tourist destinations. Occasionally, two or more attributes (e.g. address, phone, longitude, name, etc) of a hotel are listed on maps separately, but describe the same hotel property. If you experience issues over- or under-clustering see “Why are my hotel ads not indexed?”.

I’m interested in adding my property to Google Hotel Ads. How can I integrate?

Given the number of important features that Google Hotel Ads provides, integration requires a significant amount of technical expertise. For best results, we recommend that you work with a Google-authorized third-party integration partner.

If you have a Google Account Manager, talk to him/her about any additional integration options we have available to you.

Learn more about integrating with Google Hotel Ads.

My ads aren’t showing up in search. What should I do?

There are a variety of factors that can prevent your ads from appearing in searches. We recommend that you first consult our list of potential reasons why your ads may not be displaying properly.

Often, ads won’t show up in searches due to feed errors. Google’s Hotel Ads feed validation tool provides you with quick and easy access to the information you need to fix most search-related data issues, such as overclustering, indexing and more.

For additional information on how to improve the performance of your ads, see our tips on how to troubleshoot common issues:

How do I fix feed errors?

The Hotel Ads Feed Validation Tool uses feed error codes to identify specific problems with the validity of your data feed. For more information on how to interpret specific error codes, consult our searchable feed error codes table. It provides options to filter by keyword, or by feed error type. We also have a variety of other tools in the Hotel Ads Center that you can use to troubleshoot different types of feeds.

To help assess general feed quality, use the following:

To look into errors with Hotel Listing feeds (Information about your hotel properties), use:

For more information about Hotel Price feeds (Information about room rates and availability):

For questions about Points of Sale feeds: (Information about where online customers book your rooms):

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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