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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

Bids that are in the first position give you the most visibility and have the greatest opportunity to achieve a click through. The Hotel Ads Center generates bids that are estimated to achieve first position status. You can choose to activate these first position bid estimates on a per hotel or per Hotel Group basis.

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Ad position bid estimates are a guide, meant to give you greater insight with which to plan your bidding strategy — but meeting your ad position estimate isn’t a guarantee of ad position. Ad position will still depend on competition from other advertisers, your price accuracy score, your budget and account settings, and user behavior.

About first position bid estimations

The Hotel Ads Center calculates the estimated bid that will likely give you the top position when bidding for an ad. More precisely, the algorithm calculates the estimated minimum hotel-level bid amount that’s required to have 50% or more of your impressions in the first position.

You can take advantage of the Hotel Ads Center's calculations by activating first position bid estimates on a hotel or Hotel Group. The first position bid estimates show the estimated thresholds that are required to bring your ads to position 1.

NOTE: First position bid estimates can be used with the CPC % bidding strategy only.

When used with Bid Multipliers, first position bid estimates are considered a base bid. As a result, a first position bid reflects the bid before Bid Multipliers are applied.

Activating first position bid estimates

To activate first position bid estimates, you use the Performance Summary Table in the Dashboard tab of the Hotel Ads Center.

To activate first position bid estimates:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center.
  2. Select the Dashboard tab. Hotel Ads Center populates the Performance Summary Table with current data.
  3. To activate a position 1 bid for an individual hotel, select Hotel ID from View By drop down list. To activate one for a Hotel Group, select Hotel Group from the drop down list.
  4. Examine the calculated bid estimate, as shown in the Est. First Position Bid column:

  5. Place your cursor in the Bid column's input field, in the row for the hotel or Hotel Group that you want to activate. The Hotel Ads Center displays a bid editor dialog:

    This bid editor dialog box lets you edit the current bid or activate the estimated first position bid. This value is the minimum amount that the Hotel Ads Center estimates you must bid to have 50% or more of your impressions in the first position. It represents a % bid, which is the only currently-supported bidding strategy for activating first position bid estimates.

  6. To begin using the first position estimated bid, click the Do it! button:

    The Hotel Ads Center sets the value of Bid to the value of Est. First Position Bid and begins using the new bid for that hotel or Hotel Group immediately.

For more information about using the Performance Summary Table on the Dashboard tab, see Performance Summary Table.

Finding first position bids in the Bid Simulation report

You use the Bid Simulation report on the Intelligence tab to find the generated first position bid estimates.

To find first position bid estimates:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center.
  2. Select the Intelligence tab.
  3. Select Bid Simulation in the left-hand navigation.
  4. Click Download in the column that corresponds to your bidding strategy.
  5. Open the Bid Simulation report.
  6. Look at the values of the ad_position_1_impr_share column. This field estimates the percent of your impressions that would be in the first position at a given bid amount. For example, if the value is ".75", then 75% of your impressions would likely be in the first position at that bid amount.

For additional information, including other first position bid metrics, see Bid Simulation Report.

What to do with large or missing recommended values

Not every Hotel Group will have a value for the first position bid estimate, as it's based on how your bidding rules are set up. If your Bid Multipliers are configured in such a way that it is difficult to capture 50% of the position 1 impressions with a base bid alone, you may see very large recommended values, or no value at all in some cases.

For example, if the majority of traffic for a hotel is on mobile, but you have a -80% mobile modifier set, it will be almost impossible to simulate an estimated first position bid. In these cases it is worth checking your multipliers to ensure they are meeting your business needs.

For more information, see Using Bid Multipliers.

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