Viewing Sub Account Information


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

The Sub Accounts view in the Account tab displays all sub accounts, the number of hotels in them, and billing information. In addition, you can use this view to add new users (Owners only), set up billing, and create additional sub accounts for each account in the view.

To view sub account information:

  1. Open the Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Click the Account tab. The Account Info view displays:

    The Account Info view displays several panels that show the account's settings:

    Panel Description
    Account Info Displays the name of your account, account ID, and conversion tracking status. The account ID displayed here is the ID you use when using the APIs.
    Account Status Displays whether your data feeds are active, and, if this is a billing account, whether billing is set up. If billing is not set up, see Completing the Billing Setup.
    CPC Billing Info Displays details about billing if this is a billing account.
    Technical Contacts Displays email addresses for the technical contacts in your organization.
    Google Contacts Displays email addresses for the account manager and technical manager at Google.
  3. Click Sub Accounts in the left-hand navigation. The Sub Accounts view displays.


    Accounts are arranged in their existing hierarchy, with sub accounts indented under their parents:

    There is a maximum number of 5 levels of sub accounts.

    The Sub Accounts view displays information about each account:

    • Total Hotels: The total number of hotels managed by the account, including the number of hotels in all sub accounts.
    • Managed Hotels: The number of hotels that are managed by this account. These hotels are not in a sub account. They can be grouped or not.
    • Billing Account: Whether or not this account has direct billing set up. "Yes" if the account has a billing relationship with Google. "No" if the account is not billed directly by Google and instead pays through its parent account.
    • Billing Information: The status of the billing setup used by for this account. If the setup is not finished, then Hotel Ads Center displays "Incomplete", and either a yellow or red triangle. For more information, see Completing the Billing Setup.


      NOTE: If billing information is incomplete for a direct billing account, ads will not be shown for that account.

    The Sub Accounts view gives you access to the following actions (if you are an Owner or Editor):

    • New Sub Account button (Owner only): Create a new sub account as a child of the selected account. For more information, see Creating Sub Accounts.
    • Edit button: Edit details about the sub account, including its name and billing type.
    • Share button (Owner only): Add or remove users from the sub account.
    • Assign Hotels button: Add and remove hotels from the sub account. For more information, see Adding Hotels to Sub Accounts.
  4. To view additional details about the sub account, click the sub account's name. The Hotel Ads Center displays the Account Info view for that sub account.
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