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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

You can view a list of major feed updates to your account, such as changes you made in hotel lists, pricing, and landing pages in your account settings. This log shows when and by whom the changes were made, and provides additional detail about each action taken.

The new account history page will have feeds only for account management-related events.

To view your account history:

  1. Sign in to your Hotel Center account.
  2. Select Account settings from the navigation menu.
  3. Select History.

About the data

In the “History” page, you’ll see the account history table, which shows:

  • Date: The date and time of the change.
  • Changed by: Indicates whether the changes were made by a Hotel Center user, an associated Google Ads account, or by Google.
  • Category: The area in Hotel Center where the change took place.
  • Details: A brief description of the account changes. The description will make it clear which hotels, accounts, or landing pages were affected, and provide links to them or to additional details whenever available.
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