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You can view a log of changes to your account, such as updates to billing information, bids, hotel assignments, and group assignments, in the Hotel Ads Center. This log shows when and by whom the changes were made, and provides additional detail about the action taken and the scope of each change.

To view your account's change history:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center.
  2. From the Account tab, select Account History from the side menu.

The Account History view displays, as the following example shows:

Account History UI

The default time range is the last 7 days of activity. 

To change the time period: 

  1. Set the start and end dates for which you want to view your bidding history.
  2. Click the Apply Filters button. The Hotel Ads Center displays your account's bidding history for the selected time period.

To control which types of changes appear in the view: 

  1. Click the Action button for a list of possible change action types, and check the boxes next to those you wish to include:
  2. Click the Apply Filters button. The Hotel Ads Center displays the actions you selected.

To reset the view:

  1. Click the Reset button.
  2. Click the Apply Filters button.

To download the data in this view: Click the Download as CSV button.

About the data

The following table describes the data shown in the Account History view:

Column Description
DATE & TIME The date and time at which the change occurred.
USER The email address of the user that made the change, for example, "".
ACTION Indicates how the user changed the account.

Possible values are:

  • Account: Account actions include changes to account names, billing plans, and payment methods.
  • Bid: The log shows which bids were changed and by whom, as well as information about the method of each change.
    • Bid (Hotel Ads Center): The change was made in the Hotel Ads Center's bid editor.
    • Bid (CSV Upload): The change was made in a CSV file (edited offline) and submitted. In some cases, the change history shows multiple entries for a single CSV file upload. This can happen when your CSV file is very large and must be broken up into smaller pieces.
    • Bid (XML Feed): The change was made as part of the Bids message.
  • Budget: This action is for changes made to bid defaults and caps.
  • Group: A group was created or deleted, or hotels were added or removed from a group, or moved between groups.
  • Hotel Assignment: Hotels were added or removed from an account, or moved between accounts.
CHANGES A brief description of the account changes. The description will make it clear how many hotels, accounts, groups, or bids were affected, and provide links to them or to additional details whenever available.

For more information, see Example Messages table in the next section.

Example messages

The following tables describe typical types of messages shown in the Account History CHANGES column, organized by Action. The underlined text in the message represents links in the user interface. If changes were submitted as a CSV file or as part of the Bids message, a download link to that file will be included in the CHANGES column.


Message Explanation
Billing Information updated  
Billing information was updated. Click Details to see what changed in a popup.
Created account 'Account A' A new account was created.
Deleted account 'Account A' Account A has been deleted. 
Renamed account from 'Account A' to 'Account B' An account was renamed.
Billing Required changed to true Billing Required can be true or false.
Payment Method changed to 'Invoice'
Payment Method changed to 'Parent Pays'
The account payment method changed.


Message Explanation

Account Default Bid Changed

The default bid was updated. Click Account to move to the Dashboard tab.

Affected Hotels:
  CODE1 (HotelName1)
  CODE2 (HotelName2)

2 total bids updated

A bid update can affect multiple hotels. Click a hotel name to switch to the dashboard for that hotel. 

Click the 'total bids' link to see the list of affected hotels in a popup.

237 hotels updated

237 total bids updated
Download File

237 bids were updated via upload. Click the 'total bids' link to see the list of affected hotels in a popup. Note the maximum number of hotels that will be displayed in this list is 100.

Click 'Download File' to download the change file.


Message Explanation
Daily Spending Cap changed from US$400.00 to US$500.00 The daily spending cap was updated.
Maximum Bid Cap changed from US$100.00 to US$120.00 The maximum bid cap was updated.


Message Explanation
Created Group 'GroupA'  A new group was created. Click the name of the group to navigate to the dashboard for that group.
Renamed group from ''GroupA' to 'GroupB' A group was renamed.
Deleted Group 'GroupA' A group was deleted.
Moved 5 hotels to Group 'International' One or more hotels moved to a different group. 
Ungrouped 1 hotel One or more hotels were removed from a group.

Where to find more information

You can also download a report that includes historical bid information by using the Feed Status API 1.2.

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