Frequently Asked Questions

The following sections answer commonly-asked questions about bidding.

Will I always pay the maximum cost for a click with the Max CPC bidding strategy?

No, your Max CPC bid is the most you'll be charged for a click when using the Max CPC bidding strategy, but you'll often be charged less. That final amount you're charged for a click is called the actual CPC.

Actual CPC is often less than max. CPC because with the Hotel Ads auction, the most you'll pay a minimal amount more than what's required to rank higher than the next advertiser, taking into account quality score (including pCTR), price, and ad format. You will only be charged for the clicks on the booking links that take users to the booking pages on your site.

What if my bid is below the reserve price?

When a bid is set to a value which is less than the reserve price, your ad will not show.

You will be able to determine if you missed an impression because your bid was below the reserve price by looking at your Performance Report. If impression = 0, slot_position = -1, and price_bucket = -1, then you bid below the reserve price. To increase the likelihood of your ad showing, you should increase your bid.

How can I assess my current positioning in auctions?

Your positioning in auctions is based on the following factors:

  • Room rate (the lower your room rate, the higher your auction positioning)
  • Your bid
  • Your overall price accuracy score (partners with a score of Excellent or Good will be positioned higher than partners with a score of Poor or At Risk).

The daily Performance Reports help you evaluate your ad performance and determine if you should bid higher. You can get these reports via email or by using the reports API.

In the performance reports, the rank of your ad in the auction, when it was served, is indicated by the ad_position column. "1" is the best position.

The following table describes other columns in the performance report that help you understand your position in the auction:

Name Column Name Description
Impressions Share eligible_impressions The % of eligible impressions which your ad was seen on. Bidding higher increases the chance of being seen.
Slot slot The location of your ad on the page (such as an independent button or in the menu).
Slot Position slot_position The position of your ad within that slot. For example, if slot is “M” (for Menu), and slot_position is "2", then you were third ad in the menu. (Slot positions are "zero-based", meaning "0" is the first slot, "1" is the second slot, and so on.)
Price Bucket price_bucket Indicates how competitive your room rate was. For example, if price_bucket is 0, then your room rate is the lowest rate price bucket.
Price Bucket Rank price_bucket_rank Indicates how competitive your bid was within your price bucket. A price_bucket_rank of 0 is the highest possible placement. By using bid multipliers, you can control your bids for specific end-users and win as many 0’s for price_bucket_rank as possible.

What happens if I don’t want to participate in the auction or submit bids?

Participation in the auction is completely optional. If you do not wish to have a hotel or group of hotels in the auction, ensure that you do not set a bid for that hotel or group of hotels. We will take this as an indication that you would not like this hotel or group of hotels to be included in the auction.

How can I stop showing, pause, or disable Hotel Ads for a single hotel?

If you have previously set a bid for a hotel and would like to stop showing ads for that single hotel, you can set a base bid of $0.00 either through the Hotel Ads Center or through the API. To stop serving ads for a hotel on a specific Google site (like Hotel Finder), you can set the Hotel Finder multiplier for that hotel to "0". Both of these ways will ensure that your bid is not above reserve and your ad will not show. If you plan on never advertising this hotel again, you should stop sending us prices for this hotel.

How is the reserve price for a hotel calculated?

The reserve price will be calculated by a combination of factors, similar to AdWords quality score, and will vary in each auction.

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