Hotel Assignment tab

To manage your Hotel Groups, use the Hotel Assignment tab.

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Why use Hotel Groups

Using Hotel Groups is an easy, convenient way to maximize ROI and boost ad performance for your hotel bid campaigns. 

Maximize ROI: Most of our partners have too many hotels to manage bids individually. Hotel Groups lets you organize hotels in collections, such as “Hotels in NY” or “Cozy Comfort Hotels,” and monitors aggregate performance data for those properties. Using Hotel Groups also allows you to bid on all hotels in a group at once, allowing you to effectively manage your group campaigns and maximize ROI. 

Hotel grouping strategies include:

  1. By brand: All hotels under a specific brand, especially if you can identify that one brand converts better than others.
  2. By market: Breaking out hotels by market; for example, a hotel group for all properties in Mexico and another group for all hotels in Ireland. Grouping by market lets you cater your bidding to each specific area. 
  3. By conversion rate: Create groups for your best converting hotels so that you can bid more aggressively on these hotels and drive return on ad spend.

Boost performance: Hotel grouping strategies can boost performance and improve return on ad spend because you can monitor aggregate performance data and manage your bids accordingly.

For example, you could:

  • Increase bids for top converting hotels by 8%
  • Increase bids for hotels in New York by 6%
  • Increase bids for hotels with Brand X by 4%

Creating a new Hotel Group

To create a new Hotel Group:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center. 
  2. Select the Hotel Assignment tab:

    This image shows the primary regions of the Hotel Assignment:

    • Navigation tree: The left-most region of the Hotel Assignment displays a navigation tree of Hotel Groups and sub accounts:

      Hotel Groups (blue if selected)

      An account or sub account (blue if selected)

    • Current group: The center region is the current group you are editing. You can add and remove hotels from this group.
    • Source hotels: The right-most region of the Hotel Assignment displays hotels from other accounts.
  3. Select an account in the navigation tree. When you create a new group, it will be located in a subfolder of your primary account.
  4. Click the Create New Hotel Group button:

    The Create New Group dialog box displays:

  5. Enter a name for the new group and click the Create button.
  6. Select one or more hotels from the source hotels list. You can use the search function to populate the list with specific hotels by ID, group, account name, or account ID. You can also use an "OR" to provide simple searching ("AND"s are implicit).
  7. Click the to move the hotels you've selected to the current group. They will no longer be considered "ungrouped." 

The following table shows sample search syntax:

Sample Syntax Description
id:42 Find hotel with the ID of "42".
id:42 OR 43 OR 44 Find hotels 42, 43, and 44.
suite OR inn Find all hotels whose name contains a word that starts with "suite" or "inn" (not case sensitive). This includes "suites" and "innes". Wildcarding at the end of a term is implicit when searching hotel names (so "inn" can be thought of as " inn*").
x OR y OR z Find all hotels whose name contains a word that starts with the letters x, y, or z.
group:"ungrouped" Find all hotels that are "ungrouped." Assigning any of these hotels to a different hotel group will remove them from "ungrouped."
inn group:"South Australia" Find all hotels whose name contains a word that starts with "inn" and which are in the "South Australia" group.
inn group:"ungrouped" Find all hotels whose name contains a word that starts with "inn" and which are ungrouped.
inn ‑group:"Queensland" ‑group:"Tasmania" Find all hotels whose name starts with "inn" and which are not in the "Queensland" or "Tasmania" groups.


NOTE: A hotel cannot belong to more than one Hotel Group.

Editing a Hotel Group

To edit a Hotel Group, select the group from the navigation tree. A list of hotels in the group will be displayed, with a checkbox next to each of the hotels.

To add a new hotel to a Hotel Group:

  • Click Search for hotels to find the hotel name and add it to the group.
  • Repeat until you have added all the hotels belonging to the group OR click Upload a file to upload a list of hotel IDs in a CSV file.
  • You can create Hotel Groups using Hotel ID lists based on your internal market / regional definitions. These Hotel Groups can be used to create reports and bidding groups.
  • If you're working with sub accounts, see adding hotels to sub accounts for specific instructions.

To remove a hotel from a Hotel Group:

  • Deselect the checkbox next to the hotel’s name within a group and click the Save button.

To delete a Hotel Group:

  1. Select the group you want to delete from the navigation tree. 

  2. Click the Delete Group button in the three dot menu of the "Currently Editing" section.

  3. Click Delete.


NOTE: Deleting a Hotel Group does not completely remove the hotels within that group from Hotel Ads. Hotels deleted from a specific group are added to Ungrouped Hotels until they are added to a different hotel group.

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The following video shows you how to manage Hotel Groups in the Hotel Ads Center:

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