Hotel Ads Center Overview


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

Hotel Ads Center includes many features that help you manage your ad spend, including:

  • Bid management on the account, group, and hotel level
  • Click and spend data over user-defined time intervals at a glance
  • Drill down of performance data by Hotel Group, device type, slot, Google site, and user country
  • CSV downloads of the tables you create

You can access Hotel Ads Center via this link. To obtain access, please contact us or request that the admin user on your account share access with you.

The Hotel Ads Center provides the following primary navigation elements that are available in all views:

The following table describes these elements:

Element Description
Partner Name The name of the partner account you are currently viewing. If you manage multiple accounts, you can select a different partner name from the drop-down list.
Search Bar Enter the exact name of a hotel or a Hotel Group to go directly to the Dashboard view for that hotel or hotel group. You can also search by keyword to view a list of hotels and hotel groups containing that keyword. To see a hotel or hotel group’s Dashboard, click on the hotel or Hotel Group in the list.
Navigation Bar Provides access to different sections (via tabs) in the Hotel Ads Center:


  1. Home (Scorecard): The Home tab displays the Scorecard which consists of a series of "cards" that give you a quick overview of your account's overall health.
  2. Dashboard: The Dashboard shows performance data on the overall account level, by Hotel Group, or by individual hotel, and lets you manage your bids. From the Dashboard, you can access your Performance Summary Table.


  3. Group Editor: Use the Group Editor to create user-defined Hotel Groups and edit existing groups. A user-defined group lets you track the performance and bid for a set of hotels at once.


  4. Tools: The Tools provide help for building Points of Sale files, Feed Validation, creating hotel lists and other functions.


  5. Intelligence: The Intelligence tab lets you download daily performance reports and bookings reports reports in the CSV format.


  6. Budget: The Budget tab lets you set a daily spending cap.


Sharing Use the Sharing button to add and remove users for your Hotel Ads Center account.

All data is reported as daily totals, and days start/end at midnight PST.

For troubleshooting help with your Hotel Ads Center account, account management or reporting, contact Hotel Prices Help

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