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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

This article only applies to reporting for Hotel campaigns in Hotel Ads Center. If you have already migrated your Hotel campaigns to Google ads, learn more about using the Report Editor for Hotel ads.

If you implement Fenced Rates, the Fenced Rates Performance report provides details on the traffic received from each offer which is based on the end-user's device and IP location. If you did not implement Fenced Rates, then you cannot download a Fenced Rates Performance report.

To access the Fenced Rate Performance Report:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Intelligence tab. The Reports view displays. Each row in the table represents a period in the past during which reports were run and stored for your viewing.
  3. Click the Download link in the Fenced Rates Performance Report column for the row that you are interested in.

The following table describes the columns in the Fenced Rate Performance Report:

Name Column Name Description
Country hotel_country A two-letter country code that represents the country that the hotel property is located in. For example, US or FR.
Hotel ID hotel_id The unique ID for your hotel.
Google Site property The Google property on which a user viewed your hotel-pricing data. Valid property types include:
  • "localuniversal": The user found the ad through organic search, typically by searching on google.com.
  • "mapresults": The user found the ad through maps.google.com.
  • "placepage": The user found the ad through plus.google.com/local.

Google Site is one of the dimensions that you can apply a bid multiplier against. For more information, see Using Bid Multipliers.

Device Type device_type The end-user's device type. Possible values are:
  • "mobile"
  • "tablet"
  • "desktop"

Device Type is one of the dimensions that you can apply a bid multiplier against. For more information, see Using Bid Multipliers.

Rate Rule Definition ID rate_rule_id The value of the rate_rule_id attribute which matches the rate rule id that you define in the Rate Rule Definition File.
User Country user_country The two-letter country code that the user is searching from. For example, US or FR.
Ad Position ad_position The order in which your ad appears on a page, relative to all other ads in all slots, as the result of the auction.
Price Bucket price_bucket

Indicate a rate's relative competitiveness in an auction (as compared to other partners' rates for the same hotel stay). We place all Hotel Ads that are eligible for the auction into buckets that are used to determine how Hotel Ads should be displayed and ranked to the user. Possible values are:

  • "-1": Your bid was below the reserve price.
  • "0": The ‘lowest’ price bucket. Your rate for a given hotel stay was within a very small variance of the lowest price (submitted by all partners).
  • "1": The ‘competitive’ price bucket. Your rate for a given hotel stay wasn't the lowest, but still considered competitive (relative to rates provided by other partners)
  • "2": The ‘uncompetitive’ price bucket. The rate that you provided wasn't competitive relative to the lowest rate provided by other partners.
Impressions impressions Number of times users have viewed your ad for a hotel.
Eligible Impressions eligible_impressions Total number of times your ad was eligible to show for users.
Clicks clicks The total number of clicks on an ad.
Billing Cost billing_cost_usd Total cost of clicks, in USD.
Conversions conversions The number of bookings reported via the Hotel Ads' conversion tracking snippet.
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