Reporting Overview

Note:  This article applies only to reporting for Hotel campaigns in the Hotel Center. If you’ve migrated your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads, read about reporting for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

Hotel Ads provides information about your ad performance, bookings, accuracy, and various other aspects of your account in its reports, including:

Report Description
Performance Report with Conversion Metrics Provides details about bookings made for partners who have implemented the Hotel Ads Conversion Tracking snippet.
Opportunity Report Helps you understand possible opportunities that you might be missing based on your auction participation and/or bids.
Bookings Report Contains details of each conversion made, if you implemented the Hotel Ads Conversion Tracking.
Budget Report Provides information on estimated missed opportunities for your account, if you set a budget.


The Budget report is not available on the Reports view. It is available in the Budget tab.

Cross Device Conversions Report Shows estimated conversions from customers that used one device to click on a Hotel Ad, then another device to book the hotel ad.
Price Accuracy Report Helps you ensure adherence to Google's Price Accuracy Policy and Taxes and Fees Policy, and/or determines potential sources of price discrepancies.
Bid Simulation Report Gives you a quick view of the overall bidding landscape and helps you determine what bids to make to be more successful.
Fenced Rates Performance Report Provides details on the traffic received from each offer, if you implemented Fenced Rates.
Prices Coverage Report Helps you understand your coverage of cached prices across all supported hotel-itinerary combinations.
Auction Opportunities: Low Bids, No Bids, and Uncompetitive Rates Lists hotels that did not participate in ad auctions because the bids were too low or non-existent, or because the rates in your price feed were uncompetitive.


Not all reports are available to all partners. Which reports you can access depends on your Hotel Ads implementation.

You can download most reports from the Intelligence tab of the Hotel Ads Center. In addition, many reports are available programmatically through the Reports API.

To access most Hotel Ads reports in the Hotel Ads Center:

  1. Open Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Intelligence tab. The Reports view displays, as the following example shows:

    Many reports are available daily, including the Performance, Bookings, Price Accuracy, Bid Simulation, and Room Types reports. The Opportunity report is available weekly (for the past 7 days). You can download all available reports by using the links in the Intelligence tab's table. Note that the Room Types report appears only if you use Room Bundles.

  3. (Optional) Select a date range from the drop down list:

    The default is the past 7 days for a multi-day report.

NOTE: All data in the reports are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST).
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